Ideas for Bathroom Lighting

With the proper lighting, you can create a luxurious spa-like bathroom without breaking the bank. A well-light bathroom can make your morning and evening routines easy and satisfying. You need to choose the best lighting fixtures, bulbs, and style options to properly set the mood in your bathroom.

One ceiling light fixture won’t be able to provide you with a relaxing vibe. Getting your bath and vanity lighting right with these simple, easy-to-follow tips. Keep reading for a complete guide in all things bathroom lighting:


Nothing beats natural light for brightening your mood after a good night’s rest. When undertaking a bathroom remodel, utilize as much natural light as possible. Add one or two windows that are adjacent to the walls. For privacy purposes, you can use top-down, bottom-up window shades or blinds.  

Adding a 2×3 skylight can also improve bathroom lighting and reduce mold growth. Freshen up your space by using skylights to capture sunlight from the outdoors and bring it into your bathroom.

Light Fixtures With White Shades

The quality of light in your bathroom should be frost and clear. Bathroom lighting fixtures with crisp, white shades tender skin tones more accurately. Omni-directional LEDs with color temperatures in the bright-white to daylight range are usually the gold standard for color accuracy and clarity. 

Ceiling and Ambient Lights

General ceiling lights are perfect at the center of the bathroom or next to the shower or tub area. Most bathroom remodeling experts position ceiling light over the walkway area instead of directly above vanity units. This is because the light above your head will be unflattering and not ideal for beauty and grooming tasks.

Most recessed lighting serves as a fill-in for natural light. It provides ambient light for the rest of the room. For best design options, you can choose an opalescent white glass to achieve a balanced and dazzle-less light. 

Task Lighting for Vanity or Sink Area

Your bathroom mirror is one of the things you use first thing in the morning. We all want to look our best whenever we look at our own reflection. The key is proper lighting. Focus on picking the right vanity lighting, or you’ll only see shadows under the chin, nose, eyes, and cheeks. 

A pro-tip: avoid installing a light fixture above the mirror because it will be ineffective for shaving, grooming, and applying makeup. Instead, install wall sconces and vertical fixtures that you can place on the side of your mirror. Proper lighting in the bathroom is all you need to feel better about yourself and make your daily grooming rituals much easier.

Task Lighting for the Shower

Aside from the vanity, utilize task lighting in the shower area. Recessed light fixtures are suitable for bathrooms with a freestanding tub or the toilet. If you aim for that modern feel, you can install a large, circular light mounted on the ceiling. This will keep the entire area bright and well-lit while creating a minimalist ambiance.

Accent Lighting

Add a visual sparkle in your bathroom with accent lighting. For a spa-like bathroom, you must properly install fixtures close to an architectural feature or a plant. The idea behind accent lighting is you need to direct the light on the object. This is perfect for people who like art and decorations. You may also add accent lights near amazing tilework and cabinets for a stunning illumination effect.

Types of Bulbs

Incandescent Bulbs: With a color temperature between 2700K and 3000K, these halogen bulbs are available in warm white or cool white options. Make sure that you buy “cool white” bulbs since they are more suitable for the bathroom.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs: Similar to incandescent bulbs, CFLs have color temperatures between 2700K and 3000K. When buying lighting fixtures, avoid CFLs because they can be unflattering for grooming-related tasks in the bathroom. 

LEDs: Light-emitting diode (LED) is by far the best option for bathroom lighting. Choose bulbs within the 4000K to 6500K color temperature range to achieve the natural daylight effect. As compared to incandescent and CFLs, LED bulbs are more durable and energy-efficient.

Talk to the Experts

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