Common Blunders To Avoid When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Home improvement projects like bathroom remodeling are investments that you want to deliver high, desirable returns. While a new bathroom remodeling project is an exciting undertaking, it also requires careful planning and consideration. 

Whether you are updating your bathroom vanity or renovating the entire space, you must look out for bathroom remodeling mistakes to avoid during the process. Save yourself money and stress by learning how to dodge pitfalls that can keep your bathroom from looking top-notch and timeless.

Not Creating a Concrete Plan

Imagine yourself driving in an unfamiliar city without a map. You’ll be wandering around, not knowing where you are and where to go. Then, you’ll end up getting lost along the way. This goes the same with your bathroom remodel. A project without a plan is just wishful thinking. Without one, your project runs the risk of encountering many issues since your remodel is doomed from the start.

Identify your specific goals first and develop a plan on how to fulfill them. You can look for design inspiration and ideas for your bathroom remodel, including themes, color schemes, layouts, and vanities and fixtures. During the planning process, you will also set your budget and timeline completion.

Overlooking Ventilation

When you remodel your bathroom, install windows and get yourself an exhaust fan. Proper ventilation is important, particularly in humid and wet places like your bathroom. Ignoring your ventilation systems will trap humidity and cause paint and grout to deteriorate. The buildup of mold and mildew will soon follow. Ask your contractor how to ensure proper ventilation for good indoor air circulation.

Not Maximizing the Existing Space

Consider how your bathroom design fits in with the space you have and the rest of your home. It would be best if you always prioritized accessibility and safety alongside style and aesthetics. Develop a layout that focuses on maximizing space while reducing clutter in your bathroom. Add elements and fixtures that make sense for your available space and utilize 3D imaging to see how your bathroom will look.

Adding Dull and Poor Lighting

No matter the size of your bathroom, you can make your space look bigger by adding sufficient and adequate lighting. A bright and well-lit bathroom is functional, classy, and much more appealing. For lighting options, you can opt for pot lights, wall lights, task lights, wired lights, and concealed LED strips to illuminate the room in the most beautiful and efficient way possible.

Choosing the Wrong Bathroom Fixtures

Never pick bathtubs and vanities that are too big or small for your space. Ensure that the showers and fixtures are on the right scale for your bathroom. If you have a scaled-down toilet, you can choose a small sink and vanity set for space maximization. 

You should also add enough storage space where you can store linens, towels, and other personal items. Utilize bracketed shelves to stay organized and provide a much-needed storage option. Other must-buy bathroom fixtures are small pedestal sinks, corner sinks, compact tanks, and sliding doors. 

Overestimating the Planned Budget

When you don’t stick to your plan, chances are you will make more mistakes and clumsy decisions. During the initial plan, you should be realistic in setting your goals and budget for the project. Only go for the things you can afford and avoid those that do not fit your budget. Narrow down your priorities, allocate your budget properly, and determine which aspects of the project may be cut.

Some additional costs may incur during the remodeling process, so make sure that you avoid overspending. When you have only $10,000 to work with, don’t buy bathroom fixtures and fittings that are worth $20,000. In every renovation or remodeling project, take a careful look at your finances, set a realistic number, and stick to it until the end of the process.

Most bathroom remodels take at least four to six weeks to finish, so don’t rush the process and always be patient. All the effort, time, and investment you put into it will pay off in the future.

Get Started With Your Bathroom Remodel

If you are finally ready to start planning your bathroom remodeling project, contact Erie Bathroom Remodeling for assistance! We will give you a written estimate, so you can decide on your next steps. Let us help you realize your bathroom dreams and aspirations!