Changes in seasons also bring changes in design trends. With that being said, this summer might be the perfect time to tackle home projects like a bathroom remodel. Your bathroom is the ideal space for both relaxation and reflection. This is where your self-care rituals take place, so you need to prioritize comfort above all.

A stylish and well-designed bathroom can instantly alter your lifestyle and improve your well-being. If you’re in the mood to upgrade your bathroom this summer, here are some fresh ideas for you. We’ve rounded up some summer design trends to add a little life and color to your cozy bathroom space.

Switch Up Your Bathroom Decor

Your bathroom wall decor doesn’t need to be boring. You can always swap out the wall décor, from typography art prints to aesthetic floral paintings. Moreover, you may change your bathroom prints depending on the season or your preference. Doing so will help freshen up your space and make it feel new without spending too much money. You can bring the vibrancy of summer with beautiful summer wall décor that features prints with bright colors, patterns, and bold textiles.

Choose Earthy Palettes

When we think of summer we think of the warm sunshine, clear blue skies, and greenery. To create a warm and welcoming bathroom space, choose earthy and neutral tones for the walls or furniture. Colors like rusts, greens, and soft sandy beige help bring the outside into your bathroom.

Diffuse Oils in Your Bathroom

Through essential oil diffusing, you can create your own sanctuary at home. When diffused into the air, essential oils help purify the air and help you calm easily. Today, many companies offer almost limitless options and combinations of oils to diffuse in the bath. Fresh scents like citrus, cotton, and coconut, and pineapple can elevate your self-care and put you in a summertime mood. 

Switch Out Your Shower Curtain

Instead of going for a basic clear one, choose a shower curtain with tropical patterns or vibrant colors. Shower curtains can be changed out easily unlike wallpaper or paint. A fresh curtain with summer vibes can bring new life to your bathroom space all in under five minutes. Always pick materials with brighter colors over boring designs.

Replace Your Wall Colors

The ambiance of your bathroom relies heavily on the colors of the walls. Adding a splash of color can be a great way to make your bathroom summer-ready. Light pastels and bright colors reign supreme during this season. You can brighten up space by painting the walls with bright-colored shades. Add a summer vibe to your space and experiment with bold colors that will reflect your unique personality.

Add Metal Accent Finishes

Metal finishes will always stay on the list of bathroom design trends. Fixtures and accessories with stainless steel finishes are considered luxurious, timeless, and flexible because they can complement whatever theme or style you prefer. You can never go wrong with metal accents that are available in color options like gold, champagne, rose gold, and copper finishes.

Add Natural Materials 

Raw and natural materials like bamboo, wood, and stone will make your home eco-friendly and provide a warming effect in your space. The use of these bathroom accessories will help you become closer to nature and give you the ultimate spa-like relaxation experience.

Add potted plants, succulents, and natural wood accents to capture the freshness of summer and bring an outdoorsy vibe. You can play with stone tiles, floral wallpapers, and houseplants that will remind you of the summer months.   

Let’s Start Planning Your Dream Bathroom

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