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Everything you need to know before getting your bathroom remodeled.

How To Choose the Best Shower for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Thinking of upgrading your bathrooms? Take a dip in the latest shower innovations and learn from our key insights about how to achieve an elegant and modern bathroom. Let Erie Bathroom Remodeling be your bathroom remodel partner and expect unequaled quality and service.

Types of Bathroom Shower Fixtures

  1. Manual Shower

If you’re tight on the budget, go for the traditional manual shower. This is commonly used in many households since it is simple, affordable, and easy to install. As its name implies, it takes water from the supply and readily combines the hot and cold water within the unit. These come with a dial knob and an integrated shower head where the water will flow out.

  1. Electric Shower

Built with an internal heating element, electric showers are cost-effective and perfect for households with a short hot water supply. This unit takes water from the cold water supply and instantly raises the temperature using the built-in heater. You can think of an electric shower like a kettle used to heat water through electrical heating elements.

  1. Thermostatic Shower

Regulating both the water’s flow and temperature, it comes with a flow control knob and a valve that mixes the hot and cold water supplies depending on your preferred temperature.

Moreover, thermostatic showers have two handles and multiple shower heads, so you can create the ultimate shower experience. With durability and modern design, a thermostatic shower will help you save water, prevent hot shower burns, and get more bang for your bucks.

  1. Hybrid Digital Shower

Available for all types of hot and cold water supply, a digital shower is the latest in bath and shower technology. If you want top-of-the-line upgrades, this is the best choice for you! Digital showers have wireless controllers that allow you to quickly set your preferred temperature around 10 meters away from the shower space. It also has a built-in digital thermostat that lets you adjust the flow rate of your shower.

  1. Eco-Friendly Shower

With the global water shortage being a major concern, it is important to be more eco-friendly when taking a shower. By installing water-saving showers, you’re restricting the volume of water that flows through your showerheads. Models like low flow showers help reduce water usage and energy consumption. While these shower types can add up to your bath remodel expenses, you can still save more on utilities in the long run.

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Factors When Buying the Ideal Shower

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Bathroom contractors like Erie Bathroom Remodeling can help you plan your budget, so you won’t spend a fortune on your shower. We’ll pick the best shower that will add a touch of luxury of your home without bloating your remodel cost. The price of shower systems is not constant, but a bathroom remodeling expert can help you decide which one to purchase.

One of the first things you need to do is measure the amount of space available. By considering the size of your walk-in shower and tub area, you can pick the shower systems that will look good with the rest of your space. In general, having a larger space means you need to spend more on your bathroom remodel.

Some showers are only suitable for certain plumbing and water systems, so check your water system before purchasing a shower valve. This is because different types of showers require different levels of water pressure. To solve any installation issues, you first need to determine your shower’s compatibility with the existing home plumbing system.

Are you going for a modern or traditional look? Before you buy a shower type, consider if the shower fits seamlessly into the functionality and style of your bathroom. There is a wide selection of shower types, so you will easily find what is best for you.

Types of Shower Heads

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Bath shower mixers with shower attachments are ideal for family households. If you have limited space, shower taps are versatile and can be handheld or installed inside the shower cubicle.

Installed on your ceiling or wall, fixed shower heads add a decorative value to your space. Most fixed shower heads only have one spray pattern. However, you can install a portable handheld shower head if you want better functionality and multiple spray patterns.

Portable handheld shower heads allow you to rinse your body from any angle. This is very handy if you have children and pets since it is easier to move the nozzle around.

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