Considering how much we use our showers, tubs, and toilets every day, it’s only expected that they get dirty quickly. Your bathroom might be filled with germs, grime, mold, and all sorts of nasty things. Thankfully, you no longer have to spend hours cleaning your bathroom walls and flooring. There are a lot of bathroom remodeling designs and modern fixtures that will make bathroom cleaning much easier.

Check out these features and materials that will save you time when it comes to keeping your bathroom fresh and sparkling clean.


Decluttering your bathroom is a simple way to make your space more attractive. If you’re not an organized person, your countertop might be drowning in bottles of shampoos, lotions, and toiletries. Choosing the right storage is the answer to your problem.

Have a dedicated spot for cosmetics, makeup brushes, and hair tools in your medicine cabinet. You can install an over-the-door shelf for linens and items that you don’t use daily. As much as possible, don’t place too much on your countertop. Only keep everyday products within reach and place them in a small tray or basket.

You may also install hooks and towel bars where you can hang towels, robes, and more. This will help dry your towels more quickly and make your bathroom tidy.

Bathroom Floors

One of the most tedious areas to clean is your bathroom flooring. Water, footfall, dirt, and grime are present everywhere. That’s why it’s useful to choose materials that need minimal maintenance and cleaning.  

Not all bathroom flooring materials are the same. One flooring option is better than the other. Choose vinyl flooring instead of floor tiles because it is grout-free and easier to clean. If you’re going for floor tiles, choose materials with a matte finish. This kind of texture is better than glossy ones. Matte tiles can conceal dirt, smudges, stains, water spots, so you don’t need to keep on mopping.

Another helpful tip is to choose larger floor tiles of about 600mm square. Larger tiles mean fewer grout lines to maintain. You can also pick grout in dark colors so that dirt will be less visible. Larger tiles are also used for small bathroom remodeling projects.


Quartz is popular for countertops because it is easy to wipe down with soap and water. You can choose a quartz countertop with an integrated sink basin to eliminate gaps where dirt mold can gather. 

A wall-hung vanity unit is preferable. It makes the floor below accessible for cleaning and mopping. This also creates more usable space and makes a small bathroom look bigger.

Sinks and Faucets

Bras and stainless-steel bathroom fixtures are recommended than other materials. These are unlikely to leak or rust, so they can last a long time. Moreover, you should pick a finish that’s resistant to fingerprints and water spots. If you want to be a little extra, choose sensor-operated faucets. Its touchless feature provides you the peace of mind that your faucet handle isn’t contaminated.

Shower Walls

Instead of wall tiles or wallpaper, go for waterproof wall panels. They are grout-free, easy to clean, and available in different designs and colors. You can use a damp cloth, warm water, and a non-abrasive solution to clean and maintain them.

Shower Enclosure

The shower design you choose will affect how much effort you need. Simplicity is the key to hassle-free bathroom cleaning. A frameless walk-in shower is better than traditional shower enclosures. It has fewer joints and frames that need to be cleaned. Steer clear of metal shower frames as it is a breeding ground for dirt and grime.

For better results, coat your shower walls and doors with a water repellent. This product will provide a protective coating that resists water spots and soap scum.

Toilet Fixtures

Standard toilets are often tricky to clean and maintain. It has a lot of curves and tiny crevices where dirt can build up. Most of the time, you need to get on your knees to clean hard-to-reach areas. Wall-mounted toilets are a great option for easy cleaning. There are no awkward crevices for grime to gather. With sleek and modern design, wall-hung toilets give you ample access for mopping, vacuuming, and mopping your bathroom floor.

If you still want a one-piece or two-piece toilet, purchase a skirted unit. It features a smooth profile, so you won’t see pipe shapes along the sides of your toilet fixture.

In either option, you need to pick a toilet with a slide-off seat feature. This allows you to remove the toilet cover so that you can clean and disinfect the area where the seat attaches. Toilet screws and bolts often have rust issues due to moisture. Just be sure to remove and clean the bolt caps from the base.


It is common knowledge that mold is the worst enemy in your bathroom. Buying a good exhaust or ventilation fan can solve your mold issues and remove any excess moisture. Microorganisms mostly thrive in high-humidity places like your bathroom. Adding proper ventilation is the low-cost solution so that you don’t have to spend too much time removing mold and mildew.

Get More Bathroom Design Ideas 

We hope these tips can save you time when it comes to bathroom cleaning. Your bathroom is your personal oasis so why not create a nook that makes you want to spend more time inside it? Such personal space should be designed with cleaning and maintenance in mind—not just aesthetics.

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